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Are you looking for a high quality PVC coating on metal service that fully meets your requirements for aesthetics and durability? Come to VIJAYA SAI DIP MOULDING VIETNAM CO., LTD – the leading unit in the field of PVC coating for metal.

What is PVC coating on metal service?

PVC coating on metal is a method of protecting metal surfaces by using a layer of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) to cover the metal surface to protect it from external environmental influences such as oxidation, corrosion and scratches.

Other names: PVC coating, PVC coatings, pvc coating for metal, pvc metal coating


PVC coating for metal is one of the 5 most modern methods of protecting metal surfaces today

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Advantages of PVC

PVC is a plastic with many advantages, including:
  1. High strength: PVC is one of the plastics with high strength and hardness, which helps the product to be protected from impact, scratches and corrosion.
  2. Good chemical resistance: PVC is resistant to many chemicals, especially acids and alkalis.
  3. Insulation ability: PVC has good insulating properties, helping to protect the product from electrical hazards.
  4. Fire resistance: PVC is flame retardant and self-extinguishing, making the product safer in the event of a fire.
  5. Easy to process and apply: PVC can be easily machined and applied into different products of various sizes and shapes.
  6. Variety of colors: PVC can be produced in many different colors, making the product more diverse and attractive to users.
  7. Eco-friendly: PVC is recyclable and eco-friendly, which helps to reduce the negative impact of the product on the environment.

PVC can create many different colors, high aesthetics

From the above advantages, PVC coating on metal service also enjoys the same benefits, helping to protect the product from corrosion, scratches, impact, and at the same time improving the aesthetics of the product.

Specification of PVC coating on metal

  • Material: PVC
  • Operating temperature: Up to 105oC
  • Operating voltage: Up to 600V
  • Color: White, Black, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Gray, Brown.. can be customized according to customer requirements.
  • Products: All products and equipment according to customer requirements.

Applications of PVC coating on metal

The PVC coating service for metal can be applied to a variety of products, including:

Steel pipes: PVC coating helps protect steel pipes from corrosion, scratches and external agents, and at the same time reduces noise when pipes are in operation.

Embedded hard PVC to protect the super high voltage earthing connector/cable.

Cable tray ladder: PVC wrap for cable tray ladder provides protection from corrosion, moisture and chemical agents, creating a safe environment for electrical and electronic systems.
Amplifier: PVC wrap helps protect the amplifier from external agents, while increasing the durability and life of the product.
Medical devices: PVC coating for medical devices helps protect products from the effects of chemicals, bacteria and ultraviolet rays, and creates a safe environment for patients.
Household products: PVC coating for household products such as refrigerators, washing machines, bathtubs, sinks and stoves increases durability and resistance to scratches, and helps reduce noise when in use.
Advertising products: PVC coated for advertising products such as signs, billboards, banners, standees… to increase durability, scratch resistance and moisture.
Industrial products: PVC wrap is also widely used in industrial products such as machinery, transportation equipment and other spare parts for increased durability and protection from external agents.

PVC plastic wrap is very widely used in many fields

Frequently asked questions about PVC coating on metal service

Here are some frequently asked questions about PVC coating for metal services:

Can PVC coating protect metal from rust and corrosion?

Yes, the PVC coating process creates a protective film on the metal surface, preventing exposure to corrosive agents and rust.

Can PVC coating metal withstand high pressure?

Depending on the thickness and quality of the PVC layer, PVC coated products can withstand high pressures such as in industrial or civil applications.
Can PVC coating protect metal from the effects of the weather?
Yes, the PVC coated on the metal surface is weather resistant, protecting the product from external agents such as sun, rain, snow and wind.
Does the PVC coating process affect the strength and quality of the metal?
No, the PVC coating process does not affect the strength and quality of the metal.
Can PVC coating be applied to metal products with complex shapes?

Yes, PVC coating service can be applied to metal products with complex shapes such as pipes, sheets and other metal parts.

Does the PVC coating process affect the color and surface of the metal?
No, the PVC coated on the metal surface does not affect the color and surface of the metal, and allows the product to keep its original shape and color.



Contact Info

VIJAYA SAI DIP MOULDING VIETNAM Company is one of the leading units specializing in providing PVC coating services for metal. Here are some reasons why you should choose our company:
  1. Experience and expertise: VIJAYA SAI DIP MOULDING VIETNAM Company has more than 10 years of experience in the field of PVC coating for metal. We have a team of highly qualified, experienced and creative technicians.
  2. Advanced Technology: We use advanced technology and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the highest quality products. At the same time, we always update and research the latest technologies to improve our products and services.
  3. Professional customer service: We always put our customers first and are committed to providing the highest quality products and services. Our staff is always ready to support and advise customers in a dedicated and thoughtful way.
  4. Competitive price: We are committed to providing products with the most competitive prices in the market without compromising on product quality and service.
  5. Wide range of services: We provide PVC coating services for different types of metal, meeting the needs of customers from different industries.


PVC coating on metal is the main production area of VIJAYA
With the above reasons, we believe that VIJAYA SAI DIP MOULDING VIETNAM Company is the best unit for you to choose in PVC coating for metal.
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