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The demand for metal plastic wrap is increasing day by day, but the knowledge about this field has not been fully provided to users. Therefore, VIJAYA SAI DIP MOULDING VIETNAM CO., LTD is a leading unit in metal plastic wrap, please provide the most complete knowledge about this service.

What is metal plastic wrap?

Metal plastic wrap is the process of protecting metal surfaces by coating a layer of plastic on the metal surface to prevent external influences from causing corrosion or damage. This process is an important part of industry and construction, and is widely used in many different applications.

Other names: embedding metal plastic, coating plastic on metal, embedding plastic

Benefits of metal plastic wrap products

Metallic plastic wrap is used in many different applications. Some of its popular benefits include:
  1. Protects metal surfaces from the effects of the external environment, including corrosion and oxidation.
  2. Improves the durability and service life of metal surfaces.
  3. Produces a smooth and easily cleaned surface for use in medical, food or safety applications.
  4. Improve the aesthetics of metal surfaces.
  5. Use in constructions such as bridges, tunnels, roads and railways to protect metals from the effects of weather and other external factors.

Types of plastic used to wrap metal

Epoxy Resin

It is a plastic with high strength, good adhesion, high temperature resistance and chemical resistance. Epoxy resins are widely used in applications involving mechanical strength and corrosion resistance such as ships, aircraft and mechanical parts.



The boat has a shiny surface after being coated with epoxy resin

Vinly Ester Plastic

It is a plastic used in applications requiring high strength and resistance to chemical environments. Vinly Ester resin has higher strength, better resistance to mechanical and chemical impacts than conventional polyester resins. It is used in applications requiring high flexibility such as components requiring high strength on harsh terrain surfaces.


Vinyl ester coating chemical containers

Polyester resin

Is the most common plastic, the most common of the types of plastic used to wrap metal plastic. Polyester resin has good corrosion resistance and is easy to use. It is widely used in low pressure applications such as tanks and swimming pools.


Cover the tank by polyester plastic

PVC plastic

Is a vinyl polymer resin, derived from derivatives of ethylene and chlorine. PVC is a thermoplastic with good mechanical, electrical insulation and flame retardant properties, widely used in various applications such as the production of pipes, sheets, plastic beads, building materials and household appliances.

PVC is widely used to protect metal surfaces

PE (Polyethylene) Plastic

Highly versatile and durable, often used to wrap products such as electrical wires, plumbing pipes, food bags and many other applications.


PE coated water pipes become more resilient

PP (Polypropylene) Plastic

Used to manufacture products such as plastic bottles, packaging, food containers and many other applications.


PP plastic tank

PA (Polyamide) Resin

Also known as Nylon, commonly used to wrap cable and conduit products.


PA plastic is used to produce automotive components

PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) Plastic

Commonly used to produce products such as drinking water bottles, lubricant bottles and food packaging.


PET Plastic Straps

PU (Polyurethane) Plastic

Used to manufacture products such as mattresses, mattresses and leather goods.


Wheel cover with PU

Each resin has different properties and properties, depending on the application and requirements of the metal-plastic embedded product.

Production process of metal plastic coated products

Metal surface preparation and treatment

Metal surfaces need to be cleaned and polished to remove surface stains, grease and impurities.


Primer is used to help bond between the plastic wrap and the metal surface. The primer needs to be polished before proceeding to the next step.

Plastic coating

After the surface is prepared and the primer has been painted, the metal-plastic coating process begins. The plastic layer is sprayed or painted onto the metal surface.

Wait for it to dry

After coating the metal with plastic, the product needs to be allowed to dry for a certain period of time.

Check product quality

To check the quality of metal-plastic coated products, the following methods can be applied:
  • Mechanical strength test: This is one of the most important factors of metal-plastic embedded machining products. Check the mechanical strength by performing tests such as bending, tensile, compression… to ensure that the product has high strength and meets the necessary technical requirements.
  • Check the thickness of the plastic coating: The plastic coating should be thick enough to protect the metal from external influences. Check the thickness of the plastic coating with specialized thickness gauges.
  • Check gloss and color: The gloss and color of metal-plastic coated products are important factors in evaluating the product’s aesthetic appeal. Check the gloss and color of the product using gloss meters and standard color palettes.
  • Chemical resistance test: Metal-plastic coated products need to be able to withstand chemicals and solvents during use. Test for chemical resistance by placing the product in a chemical environment and monitoring the product for changes.
  • Thermal endurance test: Metal-plastic coated products need to be resistant to high temperatures and not deform during use. Test the heat resistance by placing the product in a high-temperature environment and monitoring the change of the product.

All methods of quality control of metal-plastic coated products should be performed by professionals and using specialized measuring equipment to ensure accurate and reliable results.

Applications of metal plastic coated products

Metallic plastic wrap products have many industrial and civil applications, including:

Metallic plastic sleeve

This product is widely used in water, gas, gas, chemical, oil pipeline systems… Metallic plastic sleeve helps protect pipes against mechanical impacts, chemical environment, moisture, UV rays…


Metallic plastic sleeve

Protect metal surface

Metallic plastic wrap is used to protect metal surfaces from corrosion, abrasion, scratches, UV rays, etc. This product is used in electronic devices, hand tools. , means of transport, equipment subject to harsh environmental impacts.

Metal objects and equipment

Metallic plastic wrap

Metallic plastic wrap is used in construction works, retaining walls, waterproof panels, decorative coatings, electric poles…


Metal coated panel


Metallic plastic wrap products are also used to protect electronic components from the impact of the environment, UV rays, corrosion…


Electronic components

Producing household appliances

Metallic plastic wrap is used in the production of household products such as washing machines, refrigerators, dryers, air conditioners… to protect and increase product durability.


Clothes dryer covered with plastic

Oil pipeline construction

Metallic plastic wrap products are also used to protect the oil transmission system from oxidation, corrosion, scratches, UV rays…


Oil delivery system

Notes when using metal-plastic coated products

How to use the product after being wrapped in metMetal plastic wrapal plastic depends on the product type and intended use. However, at a general level, there are some guidelines for using metal-plastic coated products as follows:

Product preservation

Metallic plastic wrap products need to be stored properly to ensure product longevity and stability. This is especially important for metal-plastic coated products used for construction and decorative purposes.

Use the product properly

Using metal-plastic wrap products correctly will help increase the life of the product and reduce the risk of product damage. If necessary, you should read the user manual of the product carefully before starting to use it.

Periodic product inspection

Periodically inspect metal-plastic coated products to detect problems early and carry out timely maintenance and repair. This will help increase the life of the product and reduce maintenance costs.

Clean the product periodically

Metallic plastic wrap products need to be cleaned periodically to keep them in a clean and beautiful condition. Periodic cleaning also helps to reduce the risk of corrosion and product damage.

Protect products from external agents

Metallic plastic wrap products need to be protected from external agents such as sunlight, rain, dirt and chemical substances. Protecting the product will help prolong its life and reduce the risk of product damage.

Prestigious, high quality metal plastic wrap address

If you are in need of metal plastic wrap, please contact VIJAYA SAI DIP MOULDING VIETNAM CO., LTD specializing in receiving plastic wrap, metal plastic wrap for all products and equipment at your request. Reputable, high quality products.
With the specification of dipping PVC as follows:
  • Material: Soft PVC
  • Operating temperature: Up to 105oC
  • Operating voltage: Up to 600V
  • Color: White, Black, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Gray, Brown.. can be customized according to customer requirements.
  • Products: All products and equipment according to customer requirements.

Our company’s PVC embedded products

PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) plastic has many advantages, including:

  • Good fire resistance: PVC plastic has a high fire resistance, so it is widely used in applications requiring high safety such as the production of insulating materials and construction products.
  • Good mechanical properties and electrical insulation: PVC plastic has high rigidity and strength, so it is used to manufacture mechanical products, machinery and construction materials. In addition, PVC also has good electrical insulators, helping to protect electronic components from external influences.
  • UV resistance: PVC plastic has good UV resistance, helping to protect the product from the effects of the sun.
  • High strength: PVC has the ability to withstand the effects of temperature, acids, alkalis and other chemicals, making it suitable for use in harsh environments.
  • High recyclability: PVC is highly recyclable, helping to reduce the impact of plastic waste on the environment.

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